"EuroCar"- vehicle crime crackdown during Polish Presidency

Police officers in 15 EU Member States, including Poland, carried out "EuroCar" operation aimed at vehicle crime. Used cars' dealers, scrap-heaps and operationally determined places to hide stolen cars were main target of the operation. Morever, traffic and prevention police officers checked drivers and their cars.

"EuroCar" operation had been initiated by the Criminal Bureau of the National Police Headquarters as part of the Polish Presidency Programme. The operation spread over 15 EU Member States including such countries like Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Latvia, Ireland and Poland. It was one of the largest operations within the past few years.

The operation focused on combating vehicle crime with particular attention to car thefts, trading in stolen vehicle parts as well as car smuggling to Asian and African countries.

Police officers not only controlled drivers and legality of their cars but also checked used cars' dealers, scrap-heaps and places to store stolen cars. The "EuroCar" operation lasted 48 hours (from 21 to 22 September 2011).

In Poland, "EuroCar" operation was conducted in the area of all the Regional Police Headquarters. In total, several thousand police officers from traffic, prevention and criminal service participated in the operation. For 48 hours they had checked cars, drivers and places that were suspected to be used for criminal purposes. In the area of 2 provinces the operation was also attended by police officers from Germany, Austria, Spain and Sweden as the members of Interpol task group.


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Publication date 27.09.2011