The role of the Police in securing meetings during Polish Presidency

 The Police had significant share of responsibility in securing meetings during the Polish Presidency. In order to carry out this task, the Police cooperated with other authorities responsible for national security issues, especially in the field of:

  • regular and ongoing dissemination of information on all threats to security and public order in the places of stay of protected individuals;
  • protection of security and public order on the transport routes of protected individuals;
  • arrangements on tactics and range of preventive initiatives taken by the Police;
  • arrangements on possible use of counter-terrorism tactical units to provide security in a given area;
  • law enforcement and threat neutralisation in the protected area.

The Ministry of the Interior and Administration coordinated the works of the crossfunctional team on logistics and security, whose task was to implement a number of measures in order to secure the Presidency, such as, inter alia, dissemination of information on threats to security and public order during ministerial or other top level meetings, as well as arrangements on tactics and range of preventive initiatives taken by various authorities during Polish Presidency.

 In line with the current practice of holding the EU Council Presidency, the following meetings took place in Poland in the 2nd half of 2011:

  • informal meeting of EU Council formations;
  • other high-level meetings;
  • expert meetings;
  • accompanying events.

As it was pointed out in the Preparation Programme of the Republic of Poland for the Taking over and Holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, planning security measures required an individual approach as for the venue of the meeting, the participants, as well as the number and positions thereof.



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Publication date 10.05.2011