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The strategic task of the European Police Office (EUROPOL) is to streamline the activities and cooperation between the competent authorities of the EU Member States in the scope of preventing and combating organised cross-border crime. The agency aims to develop solutions in the field of law enforcement within the EU as regards this type of crime.

One of the tasks of the presiding EU member state is chairing the meetings of the Europol Management Board and two working groups. As soon as the Treaty of Lisbon came into effect, the Presidency in Europol is held on a 18-month term basis, and the Presidency-related duties are distributed among the Presidency Trio countries.

In line with arrangements with the Trio partners, i.e. Denmark and Cyprus, Poland will chair the Europol Management Board for 18 months, while the other Member States will chair meetings of each Europol working group.

The meetings of the Europol Management Board – the body that sets out directions for Europol activities and supervises the implementation of allocated strategic tasks – take place on a regular basis, at least twice every 6 months: one in the Hague (Netherlands) and the other in a country holding the Presidency.

At the request of the Police, the meeting of the Europol Management Board, organised and hosted in Poland during Polish EU Presidency, was classified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a high-level meeting.


more Information about Polish Presidency in EUROPOL in the "Outcome and Achievements" section: LINK



Chairman of the Europol Management Board during Polish Presidency

mł. insp. Rafał Łysakowski







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Publication date 10.05.2011