Chairing the meetings of the EU Council Working Parties within the Police competence

Member State holding the Presidency represents the entire Council of the EU. It is impartial and its success depends on the professionalism in carrying out actions, the quality of adopted documents and a good work organisation.

  • Meeting of EU Council preparatory body
    Meeting of EU Council preparatory body (source: EU website)

From 1st of July 2011, Polish Police took over the leadership in five EU Council Working Parties. Experts from the National Police Headquarters took steps to develop the schedule of the sittings and to prepare the Presidency programme for the following bodies:

Law Enforcement Working Party;
Working Party on General Matters including Evaluation;
Working Party for Schengen Matters – SIS/SIRENE sub-group;
Horizontal Working Party on Drugs;
Working Party on Information Exchange and Data Protection;

Moreover, the Police, within their professional competences, cooperated with other public, internal affairs authorities in attending other EU Council bodies.


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Publication date 10.05.2011