LEWP - Law Enforcement Working Party

  • LEWP Polish Presidency Team
    LEWP Polish Presidency Team

The LEWP deals with broadly understood EU Member States' police cooperation, among others in the field of IT/communication systems, securing sports events, activities of liaison officers and the tasks of theEuropean Police College (CEPOL). In the framework of LEWP working party, the experts also address the matters concerning the cross-border actions and exchanging (between law enforcement authorities) information going beyond the scope of competences of other working parties, such as fighting vehicle crime or cybercrime. 

As of recently, the topic of the group's works has included also developing the guidelines in the scope of actions taken by EU agency EUROPOL.

The leading unit in attending the works of the LEWP  is the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the National Police Headquarters.


The outcome of this Group proceedings under Polish Presidency can be found HERE



Chairperson of the Working Party during Polish Presidency

kom. Marta Dąbrowska








Chairperson of the Sport Experts sub-group

Małgorzata Popławska








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Publication date 11.05.2011