The role of the Police in preparing for the Polish Presidency.

  • Justus Lipsius building - the main building of the EU Council
    Justus Lipsius building - the main building of the EU Council

Polish Presidency of Council of the EU in the 2nd half of 2011 meant for the Polish Police managing five EU Council Working Parties and two European agency bodies: the European Police Office (EUROPOL) and the European Police College (CEPOL).
Moreover, it also meant the necessity of identifying the priorities and submitting specific, priority-related initiatives on the EU forum.

At the same time the Police  were responsible for carrying out a special task, which is securing the high-level meetings that took place during the Polish Presidency across the country.

The Presidency Programme

The Presidency programme covered specific initiatives in the area of the Police priority subjects. It is strongly connected with drafting specific documents to be adopted by the EU Council. Executing the Presidency programme provided for ongoing coordination of tasks following the agenda of the EU institutions during the Polish Presidency. The prepared working schedule also contained the description of accompanying activities, e.g. expert meetings on specific priority or meetings the country holding the Presidency is obliged to organise.

Cooperation within the Presidency Trio

Polish Police cooperated with Danish and Cyprus partners in the framework of so called the Presidency Trio. The Treaty of Lisbon sanctioned the need for such cooperation, inter alia by developing a joint Presidency programme, scheduled for the period of 18 months. Therefore, the programme of the Polish Police had to comply with the entire group programme and clarify it in detail.


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Publication date 10.05.2011