Police personnel training in view of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council


As of November 2009, police experts have undergone a number of trainings concerning the upcoming Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

33 employees of the National Police Headquarters participated in central language courses, courses on functioning of the European Union and soft skills trainings. They were organised by the Government Plenipotentiary for the Preparation of Governmental Administrative Bodies and the Republic of Poland's Presidency of the EU Council and addressed to the Presidency Corps members.

Study visits and internships for NPH experts

Members of the Presidency Corps delegated by the NPH have paid a number of study visits in the public administration institutions of other Member States experienced in presiding the EU Council, among others in the EUCPN unit in Spain and in the SIRENE bureaus in Slovenia and Sweden.
Moreover, police officers from other Member States were kind to share with the NPH's experts their knowledge concerning chairing police cooperation bodies, preparing meetings and expert conferences as well as the proper work organisation during the Presidency.
Since February 2010, in the framework of study visits, the delegations for the the EU Council Working Parties meetings and other EU agencies has been enlarged by one person. Such study visits aim primarily to instruct the experts engaged in developing the Presidency programme on the rules of work and procedures concerning the Police participation in the European Union's legislative procedure.

NPH’s training initiatives for the purposes of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council

Language courses

In May 2010, Police Executive Board on the UE Presidency expressed a positive opinion on the concept of organising in 2010 a language course for police experts engaged in developing the Presidency programme as subject matter coordinators for specific Police initiatives. The training covered specific vocabulary related to the international police cooperation. It was conducted by the NPH’s HR and Training Bureau tutors and continued until the 1st quarter of 2011.

Courses on the international cooperation within the European Union

The International Police Cooperation Bureau of NPH organised a series of trainings concerning the issue of police participation in the EU legislative process. The courses were addressed to stakeholders engaged in ongoing consultations on European documents under the EU Council's Working Parties, and to persons involved in preparations to the Polish Presidency of the EU Council.
Following topics have been addressed during the training:
- EU institutions and legal acts;
- EU legislative procedure;
- Critical legal changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon;
- EU Council Preparatory Bodies;
- Police participation in the works of the EU Council Working Parties;
- Adopting stances on the EU documents, incl. drafting guidelines and reports;
- Police preparations to the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in the 2nd half of 2011

Soft skills trainings

In 2010, in the Police Training Centre in Legionowo, the National Police Headquarters conducted a series of trainings in the field of so called soft skills for the members of the NPH’s Presidency Corps.
Workshops organised by the team of police psychologists of the HR and Training Bureau included the following issues:
- Building a positive image of the Polish police during the Presidency of the EU Council;
- Good work organisation as regards managing the Polish Presidency of the 2nd half of 2011.


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Publication date 10.05.2011