The Structure of Police preparations to Polish Presidency of the EU Council

Preparing an enterprise like the Presidency of the Council of the EU calls for adequate coordination of actions, including planning and ensuring smooth information flow. It is also related to the issue of responsibility for the image of the Police both on the national and international stage.

Following these guidelines, a number of bodies responsible for a proper process coordination have been established in the National Police Headquarters, headed by the Police Executive Board on the UE Presidency.

Police Executive Board on the UE Presidency.

The board's task, among others, is to decide on the appropriate preparation of the staff (Presidency Corps), financing of planned undertakings, developing a Presidency programme, and managing activities of expert groups responsible for a specific field of preparations. The Board operates pursuant to the Decision no. 213 of the Police Commander in Chief of 20 May 2009.

The body consists of 18 directors of particular NPH’s bureaus responsible for the preparations to the Presidency remaining within their individual scope of duties. Cyclically held meetings of the Board are attended both by the Police Commander in Chief, as well as his deputies. The chairperson of the Board is Mr. Rafal Łysakowski, police junior inpector, the Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau of NPH. The administrative and technical support of the meetings is provided by the European Secretariat Section of the Non-operational Cooperation Unit of the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the NPH.

NPH's expert groups

The following expert groups, responsible for specific aspects of preparations, have been established in the National Police Headquarters (NPH):

  • The expert group on security whose primary objective is to execute tasks laid on the police, i.e. securing the high-level meetings during the Polish Presidency. The work coordinator of this group is the NPH’s General Staff of the Police.
  • The expert group on financial and technical support, established to ensure a smooth workflow in the field of financial and logistical preparations to the Presidency. The task of this group, among others, is to coordinate budget implementation as regards carrying out tasks following the multi-year programme “Preparation, follow-up and holding the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the 2nd half of 2011” in the field of HR development and special task execution. This group consists of experts in finances, logistics, communications and IT; its works are coordinated by the NPH’s Finance Bureau.
  • Expert group on Presidency programme, whose task is to prepare and follow up works of the EU Council working parties, remaining within the police competences.

Police Presidency Corps

The Police have appointed experts who will hold the posts of chairpersons of the EU bodies during the Presidency, national delegates, and coordinators of particular projects. In total, ca. 100 individuals are engaged in the Police’s preparations to the Polish Presidency.

In 2010, the National Police Headquarters coordinated the experts‘ participation in trainings organised centrally by Government Plenipotentiary for the Preparation of Governmental Administrative Bodies and the Republic of Poland's Presidency of the EU Council, as well as in internal trainings organised by the authority on its own initiative.


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Publication date 10.05.2011