The Schengen evaluation missions

In 2011, Polish Police were a leader of the Schengen evaluation missions as regards police cooperation and the SIS/SIRENE field.

  • Schengen countries
    Schengen countries

The missions’ objective is to verify whether a given member state or a Schengen Zone state has effectively implemented/implements both the Schengen acquis and the Community acquis.
The evaluation covers also the status of implementing the recommendations contained in the reports from previous missions.

The following areas are evaluated:

  • police cooperation;
  • land, air and maritime borders;
  • personal data protection.

Each mission is headed by a leading expert, i.e. the leader of all the experts making up the mission. He/she represents the group outside and, more importantly, is responsible for preparing the programme of the mission, organising the experts' work and making a post-evaluation report, which is then approved by the Working Party for Schengen Matters (Schengen evaluation working group – SchEval).

It is an adopted and common practice to appoint a representative of the country holding the Presidency of the EU Council as a leader of the evaluation mission. 

The Schengen evaluation missions in terms of police cooperation:

  • Danmark and Finnland (27.06 – 02.07.2011 r.),
  • Island (07 – 10.11.2011 r.).

The Schengen evaluation missions in terms of SIS/SIRENE area

  • Lichtenstein (04 – 07.09.2011 r.),
  • Portugal (26 - 30.09.2011 r.),
  • Spain (24 – 28.10.2011 r.).

Poland will finish its chairmanship of the Schengen evaluation missions in January 2012. Norway and Sweden will at that time undergo evaluations on police cooperation.



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Publication date 11.05.2011