Polish EU Presidency 2011

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The first Polish EU Presidency has finished at the end of December 2011 .
It was a time of a very intense work for the Polish Police, both in substantive (chairmanship of international cooperation bodies) and operational dimension (securing meetings hosted in Poland).

During the last three years, about 100 experts from the National Police Headquarters were involved to prepare and perform multiple tasks of the Polish EU Presidency. At the same time, several thousand police officers from regional/district police headquarters, as well as the Warsaw Metropolitan Police, were deployed to secure presidency meetings.

The Presidency handover does not mean polish experts will not be engaged in works anymore. They will continue their chairmanship of the Europol Boards and carry on with activities determined in documents that have been adopted by the EU Council during the Polish EU Presidency. The close cooperation within the Presidency Trio (Poland, Denmark, Cyprus) is also expected to develop.

The EU Presidency was one of the greatest challenges for Polish Police in international dimension. Although it required much effort both in substantive and logistical aspect, the first polish EU Presidency was a source of great satisfaction.

In the second part of 2011 the European Police cooperation has been further analyzed and enhanced in different aspects and directions.
We would like to present to you the results and legacy of Polish EU Presidency in police area. You will find it soon on our website.

Police junior inspector Rafał Łysakowski
Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau
National Police Headquarters



Results of the Polish Presidency in the EU Council working groups
In the second half of 2011 Polish Police representatives held chairmanship of the five EU Council working groups presenting in each of them their own initiatives and projects.

The Summary of the Polish Presidency in the EU agencies
A very important aspect of the Police activity during the EU Presidency was the support given to bodies of two EU agencies: the European Police Office (Europol) and the European Police College (Cepol).

Meetings organized by the Police within the Presidency
During the second half of 2011 Polish experts organized meetings and conferences of both national and international dimension.

The leadership of the Schengen evaluation missions
In 2011 the Polish Police experts were leading the Schengen evaluation missions in terms of police cooperation and the SIS/SIRENE area.
The mission is aimed at determining whether a given Member state or Schengen Zone state successfully implemented the Schengen legal acquis and EU legal acquis.

Other Polish Presidency initiatives

Securing meetings organized in the framework of the Presidency
During the polish EU Presidency the Police were responsible for securing meetings organized in several Polish cities.

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Presidency by numbers

The preparations programme for the Presidency took more than 3 years and the core presidency team in the Police consisted more that 100 experts.

Performing half-year Presidency duties, Police representatives chaired 54 meetings in Brussels, mainly Working Groups of the EU Council.

As the result of those works, more that 100 documents were adopted, and 16 of them has been handed over to superior bodies and finally adopted by the EU Council.

Also, as as a Presidency, Polish Police organized and hosted 16 Conferences and experts meetings in Poland, with over 760 foreign delegates.

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